Our community is in pet overpopulation crisis mode. Why? Because people either don’t know about low cost spay/neuter resources or they don’t care. There aren’t enough homes for all of the cats being born right now. Adoption will never fix the problem. Until we come up with a vaccine to sterilize cats, we will have this problem.

If you see a stray cat, capture it, check for a microchip, and either turn it in to the shelter to be fixed or pay to fix it yourself. Do NOT let it have kittens. It seems everyone calls in June or July when they knew they had a stray in the backyard. Waiting to take action causes a strain on the rescue community and veterinarians who are already overscheduled and underpaid. It’s not your cat? Who cares? Fix it anyway! Make the world a better place for the animals.

Keep reading…..and find out what you can do. Rescuers don’t have the time, energy, or money to do all of the work themselves. If you aren’t able to help, donate. We need money to fix cats too!

This site is intended to be a central repository for disseminating information about low cost solutions for animal rescuers and low income individuals in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. I hope you can find assistance here.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed or practicing veterinarian, nor am I a certified veterinary technician. All opinions are my own and based upon 18 years of experience working with feral cats. Much of the information on this site has been derived from speaking to professional veterinarians. However, I encourage you to become an established client with a veterinarian so your pet or feral cat can receive the proper care it deserves.